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Transperant Silicon Tubing
Rubtech offers its Import substitute Silicone Transparent Tubings of various sizes for Food– Pharma – Medical application. Rubtech Transparent Tubing provides outstanding biocompatibility, having been subjected to Extensive Laboratory Testing. Cytotoxicity and Heavy Metal Testing is also included in this. Our Silicone Tubings are ideally suited for Exacting Medical, Pharmaceuticals and Industrial application like Pharmaceutical Transfer, Peristatic Pumping, Laboratory, Clinical, Hospital application involving Body Tissues & fluids. Rubtech Silicone Transparent Tubings can be sterilized by steam [30 min/121 C/15 psi OR 10 min/132 C/30 psi] Dry heat, Ethylene oxide (ETO) or gamma radiation (2.5 Megarads of exposure cumulative).

Salient Features:

 •FDA approved raw material

 •Completely non-toxic tube

 •Excellent heat resistance (from- 50°-250° c)

 •Repeatedly autoclavable

 •No leaching of particles

 •Completely flexible

 •Retains elasticity even after prolonged use
 •Transparency of the tubes allows visibility of the flowing fluid
 •Very durable compared to latex and pvc tubes

 •High degree of dielectric strength
 •Compatible with most drug formulations


 • For transfer of sterile liquids in
    * Injection filling machine
    * Vial filing machine
    * Vial washing machine
    * Peristaltic pump

 •For transfer of ointments, creams, etc

 •Gaskets in Autoclaves, Ovens, etc. As door sealants

 •For use in Food and Bevarage Industries

 •For use in Electronic Equipments

 •For use in Medical Equipments
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