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Pharmaceutical Application
RubtechIndia are suppliers to many companies and organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. We understand the environments and working mediums for which the product is specified and our technical sales team will be pleased to advise and assist if required.

We can manufacture most grades and colours of silicone cords, tubes and extrusions, in compounds that can even be conductive or luminous (These materials are not covered by FEA approval) Tubing and other extrusions are an integral part of today's sophisticated pharmaceutical world. Our quality systems and ISO9002 approval will ensure that the challenge of consistency in existing and new formulations of high performance silicone extrusions will always be achieved.

As your strategic partner, we surround you with years of experience, technology and the desire to assist in the success of your products. Our sales & production teams are committed to total customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business process. Our goal is always to offer you the best products with the best service!

RubtechIndia, is pioneer in manufacturing of Tri-Clover Gaskets.

We manufacture Tri-clover Gaskets in :

  • 100% pure silicone Transparent Rubber.

  • Conforms to FDA 21 CFR.111.2600

  • Conforms to USP Class VI Requirements

  • shore: 70 + 5 OR as per customers requirements

  • Silicone Tri-clamp Gaskets are available with collar for better' grip and also without collar

  • Available in red / Orange / White & Transparent colours

    Normal sizes D3 D4 D5
    ½" 34 27.5 10.9
    ¾" 34 27.5 15.4
    1" 50.5 43.5 22.8
    1 ½" 50.5 43.5 35.8
    2" 64 56.5 48.8
    2 ½ 77.5 70.5 60.5
    3" 91.0 83.5 73.1
    4" 118.0 110.0 96.0
    Pure ptfe enveloped silicone gaskets

    These gaskets are available only in without Collar Due to the silicone transparent silicone washer is sandwithed between PTFE which gives better flexibility due to silicone rubber and at same time, it gives excellent chemical compatibility due to PTFE Coverage 100% Pure Ptfe Gaskets is also made available with and without Collar as per the customers requirements.
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